Chandrababu: What is the secret of your health..?.. Chandrababu’s funny answer to the student’s question..

An interesting development took place during the visit of former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu to Eluru. He had an interview with the students in Dharmajigudem and shared many interesting things. In this sequence, he gave a funny answer to a question asked by a student. To the question of what is the secret of your health.. To control our mind and work willingly, what should we eat? How much to eat? Chandrababu said to take precautions. When asked what is important in industrial development and cultivation, he clarified that knowledge economy is more important than anything else. Chandrababu said that if there is no agriculture, there will be no food and if there is no industry there will be no goods.. Both sectors can be developed with knowledge economy. Chandrababu criticized Jagan for coming to power by deceiving the people. Those who were supposed to develop were angry that they were doing vandalism. Students were asked to think about the situation of future generations.

People should open their eyes now. If the fanatics win again, there will be no Amaravati and Polavaram. He was made CM in the joint AP. I have been in politics for 40 years. I am not interested in MLA post. There should be awareness among the people. AP will improve only if the YCP government comes down. Jagan said there is only one chance. Hope people listen to him now. If we don't listen even now, this will be the last chance for this state.

– Chandrababu Naidu, TDP chief..

Meanwhile.. in the past Chandrababu also held a funny conversation with the students. He said that whatever he does, he enjoys it and that's why he never gets tired. Are you tired of working so hard for Navyandhra? She asked the student what is the secret of your energy and lack of fatigue. Instead, Chandrababu clarified that the secret is to enjoy the work and if the students also enjoy studying, that secret will be taught.

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