Chandrababu: Action should be taken against YV Subbareddy – Chandrababu’s letter to the CEO once again!

Chandrababu: Action should be taken against YV Subbareddy – Chandrababu’s letter to the CEO once again!


Chandrababu : Chandrababu has once again written a letter to the Chief Election Officer demanding action against TTD Chairman and YSRCP leader YV Subbareddy.   On the day of the MLC elections on the 13th of this month, the local leader and TTD chairman YV Subbareddy visited the polling booths in Visakhapatnam and expressed his objection to the polling of the TDP chief AP elections. A complaint has been made to the Prime Minister earlier. EC responded to this and stated that they have given show cause notices to the Flying Squad, Tehsildar and SI to investigate the incident.          

However, Chandra Babu wrote a letter to take action against YV Subbareddy as well as officials. It is clear that YV Subbareddy has violated the election rules. What is Subbareddy, a non-local, doing in Visakhapatnam when MLC election polling is going on? They were angry. EC Chandrababu asked Sindena to take action against Subbareddy who traveled to Visakhapatnam against Nibandha.          

Friday is also a bad day for CEO Chandrababu.  Pattabhadra MLC Election Counting‎ In addition to increasing the security in the centers, it has been mentioned in the letter that the rules should be implemented. Anantapur   In the letter, Chandrababu mentioned the intrusion of YCP rowdies in the counting centre. In the letter..‘‘The ruling YCP is committing irregularities and violations in the MLC election counting process. YCP groups are trying to influence the MLC counting process of graduates through illegal methods. In the letter, it was stated that irregularities were attempted in the MLC elections of West Rayalaseema Graduates’ Constituency in Anantapur.                                               

It seems that the YCP leaders attacked the counting station‌ to get out of defeat. Chandrababu said that such irregularities have become a habit of YSRCP goons to win elections. The ruling YSRCP criticized the election staff for not being able to perform their duties as per the law due to the pressure of the CP. That is why  I am appealing to immediately increase the security in the counting centers of the three graduate constituencies..Election observers should be actively involved in the counting process. TDP counting agent Dhananjaya Reddy should be immediately released unconditionally and the culprits who created ruckus in the counting hall should be arrested. You are requested to instruct the police and local election officials to this extent. 

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