Chandra Grahanam: Special pujas during eclipse .. Women standing pestle in brass plate..

This is the last lunar eclipse of the year. People observe many rituals and practices during the eclipse. Famous shrines and temples were closed during the lunar eclipse. In some areas eclipse silk baths are performed… while others worship their favorite deity chanting mantras in a special manner during the eclipse. Special pujas were performed during lunar eclipse. On the occasion of the eclipse, women in many places put a pestle in a brass plate as a competition.

Women pour water in a brass plate and stir it during lunar eclipse in Ramanayyapet, Kirlampudi, Kakinada district. A muggwa was placed in front of the house.. The muggwa was beautifully decorated and pujadi programs were performed.. A brass plate was installed in that muggwa. After that, water was poured into the plate and a pestle was placed. The pestle stood upright during the eclipse. Women say that this pestle should be kept till the eclipse of the moon in the evening. ..Many people are excited to witness such scenes which are rarely seen during eclipses.

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