Chaddi Gang: Once again Chaddi Gang halchal in Tirupati.. People are trembling with fear..

Chaddi Gang: When people hear the name Chaddi Gang, people get scared. Irrespective of the area, the members of this gang are involved in thefts everywhere. Their target is locked houses away from cities. Darjaga entered the house and looted whatever they found. Recently in Tirupati, the Chaddy gang made a ruckus. Monday night The police detected the movement of thieves in Emmarpally in Tiruchanur.

The police came to the conclusion that the three thieves entered a house based on their movements. In the background of increasing thefts in Tirupati, the Cheddi gang agitation is more frightening. It seems that the members of the Cheddi gang from the northern states are living in the suburbs and are roaming around like beggars, selling toys and blankets. There are suspicions that the locked houses are raided during the day and burglarized at night. They wear banyan and cheddi and apply oil on their body and try to extort.

up to date In Tiruchanur, thieves entered the house by jumping over the wall. CCTV cameras have recorded the visuals of the vandalism. On receiving the information, the police intensified patrolling at night. Did the gang of three members hang out locally? They are asking for a shift to another area. Videos related to Cheddigang are going viral on social media. Meanwhile, the police suggest watchmen near apartments and houses to be careful.

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