Canceled Trains: Alert for railway passengers.. Cancellation of many trains on that route till 20th.. Full details

Railway News: Due to non-interlocking works and operational problems, South Central Railway has announced that it is canceling many trains running through Guntur till 20th of this month. As the non-interlocking work of the third railway line between Vijayawada and Kondapalli has reached its final stage, some goods trains are being diverted to the conductor via the Motu Marri-Vishnupuram route. As a result, the railway officials said that the passenger trains will be canceled for about six days. There are details of canceled trains.

1. Vijayawada-Guntur (07783, 07628, 07464)

2. Guntur – Tenali (07887)

3. Guntur – Raypalle (077 86)

4. Raypalle – Tenali (07873)

5. Tenali – Guntur (07282)

6. Guntur – Vijayawada (07864, 07465)

7. Tenali – Raypalle (07888)

8. Raypalle - Markapuram (07889)

9. Markapuram - Tenali (07890)

10. Tenali – Vijayawada (07630)

Along with these, some trains were diverted. Macherla – Guntur passenger will be run till the conductor. Now Vijayawada – Macherla passenger will be driven from Nadikudi to Macherla. Railway officials also said that the Macherla – Vijayawada passenger will be taken only to the driver.

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