Blade Batch News: Everything is Tuch! Blade Batch attack in Rajahmundry dramas – dizzying twist

Blade Batch News: Everything is Tuch!  Blade Batch attack in Rajahmundry dramas – dizzying twist

Rajamahendravaram Blade Batch News: Blade‌Batch‌ If you ask anyone if you know about it, the only answer is that it is in Rajahmundry. Yes and so much blade‌batch‌ There were delays. But East Godavari District Incharge‌ Sudhir Kumar as SP After Reddy took charge Blade‌ The iron foot was put on the batch. In recent times Blade‌ The police who kept a vigil on the stalls of the batches identified dozens of bladers and registered cases and sent them to jail. With this blade‌batch‌ The riots have largely been brought under control.
Three incidents within a week
When everything was calm a series of blade‌batch‌ The people of Rajahmundry were once again shocked by three incidents of attacks within a week. The police took it seriously and started an investigation in their own style. Everything is touch‌.. Blade‌ Batch‌ It turned out that it was not an attack, but a play played to extort money from the owners by cutting themselves with blades. With this, cases were registered against them and pepper was added to the wound. All these matters were revealed by the Additional SP of East Godavari district Venkateswara Rao. Plan‌..
Puvvala Pawan‌kumar‌of Indira Nagar‌ Anu has four blades on him‌ Batch‌ On the 7th of this month, the police received a complaint that he was attacked and robbed of Rs.30 thousand. Pawan‌Kumar‌ Woven Khatarnak‌ Plan‌ exposed. Veerabhadra Medical of Rajahmundry‌ Distributor‌ At Pawan‌Kumar‌ Cash‌ Collection‌ Working as an agent. Medical‌ He used the cash collected from the shops for his needs. In this process, the money collected by the owner was not tied up and he opened a new drama. He complained to the police that four unknown persons stopped him and attacked him with a blade-like object on his neck and stomach and stole his bag, which contained Rs. 30,000. The police questioned the owner on this and found Pawan Kumar. The owner‌ learned through Pawan‌Kumar‌ gave the truth to the police who conducted the investigation in his own style. Blade‌ Batch‌ As the stolen money was said to be at home, the owner seized the money and registered a case against Pawan Kumar.

Three more incidents. station‌ Within the scope of three persons private puncture‌ Catering‌ Came to Rajahmundry for the purpose. Puncture‌ After that, catering‌ Phone to owner‌ And if they come back, the blade‌ Batch‌ Blocked the road and demanded money‌ Phone the owner and switchop‌ did The owner lodged a complaint with the police and told Jamuna Gaman‌ They were found to be under the influence of alcohol at Bridji and a case was registered against them that everything they told their boss was a lie. station‌ A young man named Manukonda Nagaraju from Venkat Nagar within the area was called by a person unknown to him and told him that Neelavars. He said that he was harassing her to name names and injured herself with a beer bottle to get away from him. The police disclosed that it was publicized as an attack, and similarly, in Rajahmundry, three persons belonging to the same family attacked each other under the influence of alcohol and this was also publicized as a blade batch. A few days ago Rajahmundry Hi-Tech‌ Bus Stand‌ Additional SP of East Godavari district disclosed that some young man came on a bike in the early hours of the morning and grabbed the cell phone and Rs.2,800 cash from the passenger. /p>

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