BJP On Jagan : The situation of AP employees is like employees of a bankrupt company – BJP criticizes the government

BJP On Jagan : The situation of AP employees is like employees of a bankrupt company – BJP criticizes the government

BJP On Jagan: The plight of the AP government employees is like that of bankrupt private sector employees, BJP leaders said. BJP state general secretary Vetukuri Surya Narayana Raju said that the employees are facing a difficult situation. He revealed that the employees are facing a situation where they do not know who to tell their problems to. He said that the situation of government employees is similar to that of employees of a bankrupt private company. He asked what is the point of transferring teachers during the final exams of the academic year. He alleged that the teachers are being promoted with an honorarium of 2,500 instead of according to the promotion scale, and this is the government’s education policy.

Nepotism is running in the regional parties in the state politics, he alleged. He said that BJP will stay away from such things. He said that some political leaders want to become Home Minister if they come to power, they don’t need development of anyone, they are just planning for parties. He said BJP is the only party that raised its voice against sand mafia, rice mafia and silicon sand mafia. Suryanarayana questioned why the YCP is engaging in religious politics and why the culprits were not arrested in the incident of attacks on temples. 

Surya Narayana Raju was fired saying that the politics of the state has been corrupted by family parties. BJP is the only one that is working on the basis of development in the state. They demanded that the government should find out how many are the encroachers of the lake and they all belong to AA parties. They said that the ruling party is turning the Kolleru lake into a political issue and the weak are ruling over the strong in the villages that are part of the Kolleru lake. Because of this, there are problems of peace and security in the Kolleru area and the problems of the people living in the Kolleru area should be solved by the government. Suryanarayana Raju asked that the wealth related to Gramkantham ponds in Kolleru area is being stolen by the followers of MLAs in power instead of the villagers. Often in industries He criticized that the Minister of Industries was going without an address at the time when lives were lost due to accidents. However, he said that he would talk big about the steel plant, and he wanted to realize that if Chandrababu was in power in the past, people would have distanced him if he fought. Now Minister Amarnath has warned that people will bring down the YCP if they do the movement.        

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