Big News Big Debate: Has Pawan changed his strategy after meeting Modi?

Dynamics in AP politics are changing from time to time. Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan’s comments, who toured Vizianagaram district on Sunday, have sparked a new debate on alliances. Pawan Kalyan, who has announced that he will not split the anti-government vote, is now coming to the public saying that he has only one chance. Pawan Kalyan wants to give them one chance in 2024. He met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Visakha just a few days after he announced that the BJP is not giving a roadmap and will not give up on alliance. Pawan who says that good days will come as soon as they meet… he is giving signals about the competition even as he is newly single. Even after meeting Modi, BJP flags are not seen in Jana Sena movements. Their alliance is limited to announcements.. So far Pawan Kalyan’s decisions… What are his announcements a sign of? Is he unable to decide on alliances?

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