Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: Untold hero of history.. Telugu child who turned against the British for wild children.. First generation Manyam hero..

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: The British came to India for business and became the rulers of the country. Indians were treated as slaves and started to be ruled at will. Many heroes and heroines fought for freedom from the shackles of the British rulers. There are many heroes who sacrificed their lives to free their country from the dark rule of the British. But many heroes are hidden in history.. TV9 is trying to present the sacrifices of such heroes to future generations. Especially many heroes born on Telugu soil are hidden in history.. One such revolutionary hero is Dwarbandhala Ramachandraya Naidu. A revolutionary hero who stood by the tribals.. fought for them.. sacrificed his life. Dwarbandhala Ramachandraiah Naidu, who raised a rebellion before Alluri Sitharamaraju in the agency area and fought against the British, died a heroic death.

Dwarbandhala Chandraiah Naidu was the first freedom fighter of East Godavari district. The local British officials, gangsters and landlords illegally harassed the farmers who were cultivating in the Manyam forest area spread in East Godavari, Khammam and Visakhapatnam districts. The tribals used to loot the cultivated crops. With this, Chandraya Naidu raised a rebellion against the British in 1879 with Buradakota in Manyam, East Godavari district as his base. This rebellion was named as Rampa Pithuri by the British authorities of the time. Under the leadership of Dwarbandhala Chandraiah and Pulichintha Sambaiah Ambul Reddy, the peasants and muradars of Manyam raised this rebellion against the tyranny of the officials as part of the resistance of the imperialists.

Dwarbandhala Ramachandraiah Naidu, Pulichinta Sambaiah and Boduluru Ambulu Reddy were the leaders of these revolts against the British rule. He used to catch soldiers who were troubling the tribesmen and cut off their heads with his gandra axe. They used to hide in forest areas threatening them so that they could not be found by the British.. In April 1879, they destroyed the police station of Addatigala and seized many weapons. On February 12, 1880, the British authorities surrendered by giving huge gifts to a man named Jampa Pandayya who was loyal to Chandraya. With the information given by Pandayya, he got to know the whereabouts of Chandraya. He was caught and shot dead. Still some people of Manyam consider Chandraya to be divine.

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