AP Weather Alert: Warning to the residents of AP.. Moderate to heavy rains are likely to occur in many districts for the next three days.

AP Weather Alert: Amaravati Meteorological Department has announced that there is a possibility of heavy rains for the next 3 days due to low pressure in Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh. The Amaravati Meteorological Department has announced that there is a possibility of moderate to heavy rains in many parts of the state. Rains are likely to occur in various districts of Rayalaseema including Coastal Andhra, Yanam, Uttarandhra except Prakasam, Bapatla and Nellore. Heavy rains with thunder and lightning will occur especially in many districts of Rayalaseema. The Amaravati Disaster Management Authority has revealed the details regarding the weather in AP in the next 24 hours on its Twitter account. A map has been attached to know in detail where and in which range the rains will fall.

It said that heavy rains will occur in Chittoor, Tirupati, Kadapa, Anantapur and other districts of Rayalaseema. Especially in some parts of joint Chittoor district and Kadapa district, there will be very heavy rains with thunder and lightning.

On the other hand, Anantapur and Sathyasai districts are receiving heavy rain. It is raining incessantly. All the roads were flooded due to heavy rains. Drainages are overflowing. Motorists are suffering. On the other hand, the flood water poured into the Chatrapati river. Annadata is expressing concern that crops have been damaged due to heavy rain in many parts of the district. For the last three days, the life of the people is becoming chaotic due to the non-stop rains in the district.

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