AP – Telangana: Rains and floods in Telangana states.. This is the latest report from all areas..

If we give a gap of two days.. it is raining non-stop for four days.. Not only in Hyderabad but in many parts of the Telugu states the situation is the same. Musuresi is very choked up. Rains are pouring at the end of the rainy season. Low-lying areas are getting waterlogged due to rising flood. All the streets are flooded. Knee-deep water in the cities has disrupted life. Colonies are submerged due to sudden heavy flow. Not only in Hyderabad, many areas in Telugu states are also affected by floods. The rain that fell in Hyderabad yesterday made the Nagol area tremble like a toad. Suddenly the flood increased. Simultaneously, the flood water entered the houses. People of five colonies were troubled by this. The impact of the flood on nearly 2,500 families was evident. The colonists demanded that alternative measures be taken to make the flood go away.

Mahabubnagar is yet to recover from the flood. All the roads were waterlogged due to continuous rain. Heavy rain water has entered the low lying colonies. Yesterday three hours of heavy rain turned the city into a nightmare. More than 10 centimeters of rain fell with thunder, lightning and gusty winds. Low-lying areas are flooded. Roads and colonies resemble ponds. Vehicles are submerged in water. Flood water entered the theaters and the entire hall was submerged. Minister Srinivas Goud inspected the flood affected areas in BK Reddy. Same rain in Medak and Suryapet districts. Many areas are stuck in water blockade. Due to flood water entering the houses, they faced serious problems. Officials have issued orange alert to many districts of Telangana.

Rains and floods in AP too

In Kadapazilla, reservoirs are full due to rains. Traffic between Jammalamadugu and Muddanur has come to a standstill as the approach road in the Penna river has broken. 14 villages in Jammalamadugu mandal have been closed. This is the second time this has happened within a month. An unexpected accident took place near small Ekkalur village of Anantapur district. A person riding a bike on the road was suddenly cut by the electric wires. He died on the spot. The villagers were angry that the negligence of the authorities had cost them their lives. Heavy rain fell in Kurnool district Mantralayam. Motorists and commuters were inconvenienced. Nallavagu overflowed due to hours of rain. Many houses in Ramachandranagar were caught in the flood.

Heavy rains in Emmiganoor constituency. Mallela stream near Ganjahalli in Gonegandla mandal.. The stream flowed in Kothilivanka in Pedda Kothili village of Nandavaram mandal. Due to this, traffic to many villages has stopped. Three youths who went for a swim in the Tungabhadra lower channel near Holagunda in Kurnool district got caught in the flood. The lower canal crew brought them safely to shore. Two people died due to accidental drowning in Nagarjunasagar canal near Tripurantakam in Prakasam district. Godavari Lanka villages in Konaseema district of Ambedkar are living in fear. As it is raining again, poisonous snakes are entering the houses along with the flood. Snakes are seen every day in Mamidikuduru mandal. As they entered the houses, opened the bed and whistled, the people were trembling. Rains lashed the joint Nellore district as well. The Meteorological Department has indicated that there is a possibility of heavy rains on Saturday as well.

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