AP News: No.. They are harassing me by paying money.. The victim’s complaint about the suspension of loan apps..

Loan Apps Harassment: In Andhra Pradesh, the harassment of loan apps is not stopping. Loan apps say don’t care even though the government and police are giving warnings to do it as per RBI rules, be it loans or recovery. Even after arresting the accused in the Nandigama Haritha suicide case and sending warnings, the administrators of the loan apps say that there is no reduction. A victim in Emmiganoor of Kurnool district approached the police after being harassed by the loan app. Shyam Kumar, who runs a fast food center in TBT Colony, gave a loan even though he did not ask for it. Shyam Kumar approached the police when he was harassed to withdraw money from the account for the second and third time.

First, the Well Credit Loan App Company sent a link to Shyam Kumar’s mobile phone. After that she called him and told him to open the link. Your credit score is good, and the loan will be given. 9 thousand deposited in the account. After that, in just two days, the principal and interest totaled more than 16,000. Again 14 thousand was deposited and 26 thousand were built. Shyam Kumar said that he resorted to the police after being harassed to pay 16,000 and 30,000 for the third time.

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