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Agrigold Victims Protest in Vijayawada: Agrigold victims are once again on the road. They took out a dharna in Vijayawada demanding that the government keep their promise. Under the auspices of the Agrigold Customers and Agents Welfare Association, they took out a sit-in meeting on Tuesday. The situation became tense as a large number of Agrigold victims came to the dharna chowk. A large number of victims participated in the dharna by pitching tents and tents. The victims who had come to Vijayawada from different districts had camped at Dharna Chowk. They issued an ultimatum to the government saying that one count till December, if it is exceeded, another count. They demanded an answer as to why there is so much delay in implementing the promise made before the election. The victims of Agrigold accused the government of not moving even though the victims are dying.

Chalasani, the convener of the Partition Guarantees Sadhana Samiti, demanded 10 lakhs for the dead Agrigold victims as per the promise. CPI leader Muppalla Nageswar Rao, who is fighting on behalf of the Agrigold victims, demanded that the government should give immediate justice to the victims. He warned that they are setting a deadline till December or else they will fight on behalf of the CPI.

All the victims of the Agrigold company's fraud started agitating for justice. The victims are appealing to the government to take appropriate measures and support them financially saying that they were cheated by putting their deposits in Agrigold.

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