AP News: Agents of finance company who are getting angry in AP.. Attack family members for non-payment of loan..

Loan Recovery Agents Harassment: Harassment by finance company agents has gone unchecked in AP. The agents attacked the family members of the loan taker for asking for twenty days time to pay the loan. This incident took place in Nellore district. Agents of a private finance company were agitated in Naidupet police station area on Tuesday. Anna did not pay the loan taken.. They came home and attacked the younger brother who was in the house with a stick. The victim, Govind, said that he was kicked with a shoe. The victim Govind expressed his grief that he was beaten with a stick without pity for being a disabled person. Koteswara Rao of Naidupet, Nellore district took a loan of three lakh fifty thousand rupees from Five Star Finance Company. He has already repaid two lakh fifty thousand rupees. He told the representatives of the finance company that he would clear the rest of the loan in twenty days.

However.. can’t give time yet. Koteswarao said that they threatened to stamp the house if it is not built immediately. He complained that finance agents came and assaulted my disabled younger brother when he was not at home. The victims lodged a complaint with the Naidupet police against the agents of Five Star Finance Company who attacked them.

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