AP Inter Hall Tickets: Inter Hall Tickets on Website, Download Instantly – Exams Tomorrow!

AP Inter Hall Tickets: Inter Hall Tickets on Website, Download Instantly – Exams Tomorrow!

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 home‌r‌ Faster Exams Schedule..

➥ March 15 – Wednesday – Second Language Paper-1

➥ March 17 – Friday – English Paper -1

➥ March 20 – Monday – Maths‌ Paper‌-1A, Botany Paper-1, Civics-1.

➥ March 23 – Thursday – Maths-1B, Zoology Paper-1, History Paper-1

➥ March 25 – Saturday – Physics Paper-1, Econaviux‌ Paper-1

➥ March 28 – Tuesday – Kevustry Paper-1, Commerce Paper-1, Sociology Paper-1, Fine Arts& Music Paper-1

➥ March 31 – Friday – Public‌ Administration Paper-1, Logic Paper-1, Bridge Course Maths‌ Paper-1 (For BIPC Students).

➥ April 3 – Monday – Modern Language Paper-1, Geography Paper-1

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Inter Secondary Exams Schedule..

➥ March 16 – Thursday – Second‌ Language‌ Paper-2

➥ March 18 – Saturday – English‌ Paper-2

➥ March 21 – Tuesday – Maths‌ Paper‌-2A, Botany, Civics-2.

➥ March 24 – Friday – Maths Paper-2B, Zoology Paper‌-2, History Paper‌-2.

➥ March 27 – Monday – Physics Paper-2, Economics Paper‌-2.

➥ March 29 – Wednesday – Kewistry Paper‌-2, Commerce Paper‌-2, Sociology Paper-2, Fine Arts& Music Paper-2

➥ April 1 – Saturday – Public‌ Administration Paper-2, Logic Paper-2, Bridge Course Maths‌ Paper-2 (For BIPC Students).

➥ April 4 – Tuesday – Modern Language Paper‌-2, Geography Paper‌-2

AP SSC Exam Hall Tickets: AP 10th class hall tickets have arrived! This is the direct link!
Andhra Pradesh‌hall tickets for class 10th annual exam which will start from 3rd April has been released. Hall tickets are made available on the official website. It is known that the school education department has already announced the schedule for conducting the annual examinations of class 10 from April 3 to 18 in AP. Examinations will be conducted from 9:30 am to 12:45 pm on the respective dates. Students have to enter their district name, school name, date of birth details and download the hall tickets.
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TS Inter Exams: Alert – control room number set up for inter students, free counseling facility
The state government should make strict arrangements for the inter exams to be held in Telangana from March 15 to April 4 and conduct them in a peaceful atmosphere. Education Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy has directed the District Collectors and related officials. Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy from Hyderabad along with Principal Secretary Naveen Mittal and Education Secretary Vakati Karuna held a video meeting with District Collectors and related officials on Monday on the conduct of inter-annual examinations.
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