AP government is working to attract 3,800 crore investments in Aqua

AP government is working to attract 3,800 crore investments in Aqua

AP government has focused on fisheries and aqua sectors. Speaking recently in Nizam Patnam, CM Jagan made it clear that he is ready to invest in the fisheries sector in the state. He said that investments of 3,800 crore rupees are going to be attracted in aqua and fisheries sectors. Accordingly, the state government is preparing plans.

In addition to the existing fishing harbors, 10 new harbors and 6 more fish landing centers are going to be constructed. Government sources say that 3,800 crores will be invested for this. In AP, which has the second largest coastal area in the country, investment in fisheries and marine sectors will lead to development. The government is calculating that it will happen on a large scale. It is getting ready to invest in that direction.

Recently YS‌R‌ The AP CM made key remarks on the occasion after depositing  123.52 crore rupees into the accounts of 1.23 lakh fishermen under the Fishery Assurance Scheme. He said that Fisheries University is going to be established in West Godavari district. The Chief Minister said that the fisheries university to be established near Narasapuram will focus on research and development in the fields of marine, aqua and fisheries in the state. It is lagging behind in terms of resource availability and supply chain management. Officials say that this fisheries university will replace them.

Aqua farm on 280 acres in Dindi

Aqua farm is being set up on 280 acres near Dindi. CM Jagan made it clear. This will benefit 11,385 aqua farmers, he says. The Chief Minister recently laid the foundation stone for the Nizam Patnam Fishing Harbor with 417 crores, saying that they are ready to help the fishermen and fish farmers to any extent. Their government has spent up to 538 crores within 4 years Jagan says. At present, efforts are being made to set up 10 new fishing harbors, fisheries university, aqua farms in the aqua, fisheries and marine sectors at a cost of thousands of crores. The state government is strongly saying that if they become a reality, incidents like migration of fishermen for livelihood will stop. And we have to see to what extent they will become reality.

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