AP Employees DA: How and when DA dues of AP employees should be paid: Bopparaju’s demand

AP Employees DA: How and when DA dues of AP employees should be paid: Bopparaju’s demand

Bopparaju Venkateswarlu: APJAC Amaravati president Bopparaju demanded that the Andhra Pradesh state government clarify in writing when DA dues will be paid. It has been clarified that the agitation will continue till then. It is said that the demands of the employees are fair and that is why the government is also coming forward. Bopparaju unveiled the posters of the 27th Mahasabha program to be organized by AP PTD Employees Union on 24th of this month. Speaking on the occasion, Bopparaju Venkateswarlu demanded that the government tell how it will pay the PRC dues and the four DA dues.

The other demands of the employees should also be discussed and they must be resolved. He said that currently the third phase of the movement is going on and preparations are being made for the fourth phase of the movement. He reminded that a regional conference is going to be held at Eluru on 27th. All the employees were called to attend the conference. Bopparaju pointed out that the government will come forward to solve the problems only when there is a movement.

Bopparaju expressed his regret that the government has still not resolved the issues included in the agreement made three years ago on some demands in AP. He complained that only chai and biscuit meetings were held every time. He reminded that the compassionate appointments came only after the movement took place and as a result of the movement, surrender leaves of 525 crore rupees were given to the police. They decided that the movement will not stop until the AP government takes a decision on the rest of the agreed issues. He said that he met the AP Chief Secretary on the rest of the demands and asked to discuss the main financial demands. He said that the chief secretary of the government has been asked to give four DAs and tell when they will be given. Bopparaju said that the new PRC recommended pay scales have been revealed and the 12th PRC should be set up. 

AP PTD Employees Union 27th Mahasabha will be held in Vijayawada on 24th of this month. It is estimated that 9 thousand people will attend the Mahasabha at the state level. APJAC Amaravati President Bopparaju and AP PTD Employees Union representative Valishetti Damodar said that Transport Minister, APS RTC Chairman and APS RTC MD will attend this conference. He said that the third regional conference will be held in Eluru on 27th of this month. He said that if there is no movement, every employee will have to pay the appropriate price. They are already facing serious difficulties as salaries are not paid on time. Even if other job unions do not come together, Bopparaju is fighting in a full scale. He said that the malidasha movement of the employees is going on with patience. He made it clear that the government has been given a lot of time to solve the problems.

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