AP Crime news: The property dispute between brothers and sisters is not over! Attacked with swords on the middlemen in uncontrollable anger.. What happened after that..

Andhra Pradesh Crime News: An incident of indiscriminate knife attack on the mediators in the property transfer dispute between brothers has created a local uproar. If we go into the details… Shanivarapu Harikrishna and Srinivas are brothers from Jaladanki mandal center of Nellore district. Recently their mother passed away. Due to this, there has been a fight between brothers and sisters for some time regarding the transfer of property. In this order, mediators named Nagishetti Madhu, Palanki Madhu, Palanki Laxman and Suresh from the same village acted as elders in the Panchayat. But on the night of Saturday 14th September, Harikrishna along with his son attacked Nagishetti Madhu indiscriminately with knives as he was trying to do injustice to him in the said panchayat. They also attacked Palanki Madhu, Palanki Laxman and Suresh for interfering in the middle. Because of this, all four were seriously injured. Locals rushed them to Samisam hospital with serious injuries. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and arrested the accused. A police official said that a case has been registered and investigation has been started.

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