AP Crime News: Another honor killing! The father killed his daughter because she loved a low caste man.

Anantapur paruvu hatya News: For the past few months, a series of honor killings in Anantapur district has been creating a stir. Another such incident took place recently. On the pretext that the daughter had loved a low caste man, he brutally killed his daughter, whom he had brought up miserably. According to the local police, the 18-year-old daughter of Charlopalli, Peddappur mandal of Anantapur district, was killed by her father Gurrappa. Police believe that he killed his daughter because he was in love with a man of a different caste. Gurrappa, the father who killed his daughter, surrendered before the police. It seems that the daughter was killed because of her pregnancy. But the locals say that this is not an honor killing. It is said that the daughter hit her head during a quarrel between husband and wife and accidentally fell down. Relatives said that she died due to head injury. The police who registered the case said that the full details will be revealed after the investigation.

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