AP CM Jagan Speech: This is my economics, these are my politics – all together YS Jagan: CM’s speech in the assembly

AP CM Jagan Speech: This is my economics, these are my politics – all together YS Jagan: CM’s speech in the assembly

AP Budget Sessions 2023-24:  AP role for the country in development‌ AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that the state has become a model and developed the state to the amazement of financial experts. Speaking in the AP Assembly, CM Jagan said that no other state has achieved the economic growth rate of 11.28 per cent in AP. He said that values ​​and credibility are the foundations of the work, without corruption and bribery, benefit is being done directly to the beneficiaries. He said that 30.75 lakh house titles have been provided.

The YCP government has applied welfare schemes to all the parties and all the people of the state after the election results. 80 percent of the items mentioned in the manifesto have been fulfilled. CM Jagan said that we have brought a great change in the political system considering Manifesto as a holy book. He said that the four-year rule has been extended to bring transparency in governance and welfare schemes have been provided to everyone.

We have increased the number of government employees in the state from 4 lakh to 6 lakh.. He said that his government has created around 2 lakh jobs. That the government stands by MS‌MEs, . He said that after YCP came to power, 1.50 lakh MSMEs came. 62 percent of the population is dependent on agriculture in the state. It has been revealed that 30.75 lakh people have been given house titles during their four-year rule. In the field of medicine, family doctor‌ Bringing the concept, 10,500 YSR at the village level. Health‌ Jagan said that clinics have been set up.

DTB will give beneficiaries Rs. 1,97,473 crores have been provided. With the increase of districts in the state, the services are more accessible to the people. Around 600 services have been made available in the secretariats. One volunteer for every 50 houses‌ Serving He said that development is when today is better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today. We have brought Disha App which is not available anywhere in the country. For the protection of women, girls and young women, Disha Police has already been established. Stations have been established in the state. Already 1.36 crore people in the state are Dishaap‌ Download‌Load‌ CM Jagan said in the assembly that he did. 

These are my economics and politics.. If they are combined, Jagan
Previous governments used to say words in the wind. Satirists said that they are the ones who speak the words. But he said that his word is on the ground and his walk is with the poor. He made it clear that his war is a war with the rich and his goal is to eradicate poverty. He said that his economics are different, that the poor castes will be better only if the poor families are better, that the society will be better only if all are provided to them, and that if everyone gets better, the state will also develop and the results will be shown. When he said that this is his economics, his politics, and he learned history from his father.  

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