AP Budget Schemes Wise: These are the schemes and departmental allocations in the AP budget, this is a big deal!

AP Budget Schemes Wise: These are the schemes and departmental allocations in the AP budget, this is a big deal!

Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy presented the budget for the financial year 2023-24 in AP in the Assembly. The budget was prepared with a total estimate of Rs.2.79 lakh crore. While the revenue expenditure was Rs 2,28,540 crore, the capital expenditure was Rs 31,061 crore and the revenue deficit was Rs 22,316 crore. While the fiscal deficit is Rs.54,587 crores, the revenue deficit is 3.77 percent and fiscal deficit is 1.54 percent in GSDP. li>YSR Pension‌ Gift Rs.21,434.72 Crore

  • Medical, Health, Family Welfare, Rs.15,882 Crore
  • YSR‌ Rythu Bharosa Rs.4,020 Crores
  • Jagananna Vidya Devena Rs.2,841.64 Crores
  • Jagannana Dharams Devena Rs.2,200 Crores
  • YSR-PM Bima Yojana Rs.1600 Crores
  • Rs.1000 crores for interest free loans to Dwakra communities
  • Rs.500 crores interest free loans to farmers
  • YSR Kapu Nestam Rs.550 crores
  • < li>Jagananna Chedodu Rs.35 0 Crores

  • YSR Vahanamitra Rs.275 Crores
  • YSR Netanna Nestham Rs.200 Crores
  • YSR Matsyakaru Bharosa Rs.125 Crores
  • Diesel subsidy for fishermen Rs.50 crore
  • Rs.20 crore for compensation of farmer families
  • Law nestam Rs.17 crore
  • Jagananna In addition Rs.35 crores
  • EBC Nestam Rs.610 crores
  • YSR Kalyanamastu Rs.200 crores
  • YSR Asara Rs.6,700 crores
  • YSR contribution Rs.5,000 crore
  • Ammaodi Rs.6,500 crore
  • Jagananna education gift Rs.560 crore
  • Department wise Allocations are as follows..

    • Agriculture sector – Rs.11,58 9.48 crores
    • Electricity‌ Department – Rs.6,546.21 Crore
    • Medical Health Department – Rs.15,882.34 Crore
    • Panchayat Raj‌, Rural Development – Rs.15,873.83 Crore
    • Transport, Roads, Buildings – Rs.9,118.71 crore
    • School Secondary Education – Rs.29,690.71 crore
    • Capu Corporation‌ – Rs.4,887 Crore
    • EBC Corporation‌ – Rs.6,165 Crores
    • SC Corporation‌ – Rs.8,384.93 crore
    • ST Corporation‌ – Rs.2,428 Crores
    • BC Corporation‌ – Rs.22,715 crore
    • Christian‌ Corporation‌ – Rs.115.03 crores

    Suspension of TDP members

    Budget‌ There was some confusion during the time of entry. Budget‌ As soon as Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy started reading the copy, TDP members started protesting saying wrong calculations. In this order, an argument took place between the Speaker and the TDP members. That’s when CM Jagan got up and requested them to send them out and ensure that the proceedings of the assembly go smoothly. They protested that the TDP leaders were protesting to do whatever they wanted. 

    Then they tried to gather the TDP leaders for a long time. But TDP leaders did not listen. They demanded to be given a chance to speak. The speaker said… he advised the TDP members to walk out if they do not want to hear the budget. Otherwise, after listening to the budget, they said that they will give as much time as needed during the discussion on the budget. However, the TDP leaders did not back down. With this Minister Buggana Rajendranath‌ Reddy was arguing… he passed a resolution suspending TDP members for one day. Speaker appealed to them to go out. 

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