AP BJP: BJP going to people in AP – series of programs! Will you be strong?

AP BJP: BJP going to people in AP – series of programs!  Will you be strong?


AP BJP :    YCP government  The BJP has designed district wise activities to expose the failures of the YCP government.  On the one hand, the government’s failures will be exposed. A charge sheet program has already been undertaken on government failures and corruption of public representatives. In many districts, people were involved and the program of registration of Abhi yoga papers was carried out vigorously. BJP is preparing for a large-scale movement saying that the state government is doing injustice to the BCs. On the other hand, the help given to AP by Narendra Modi during his nine years rule will be taken to the people. For this, special programs are being conducted for a month from 30th of this month. A special activity has been designed to take the achievements of Modi’s nine-year rule and the good deeds done to AP to the people. BJP State General Secretary S‌.Vishnuvardhan‌ A special publicity committee was formed under the leadership of Reddy. June‌ from May 30 when Prime Minister Modi took charge Large-scale special programs will be undertaken across the state till 30. Mainly, many aspects like the progress achieved by the country, the reputation of the country at the international level and the assistance of Rs. lakhs of crores given to AP in the form of various projects will be brought to the public. Along with organizing large-scale programs at the Shakti Kendra level, special programs will be taken up in various forms at the district and state levels. The party leaders are saying that they will announce the action on the achievements of Nava Vasantha in two or three days. The leaders are excited about the success of the charge sheet movement conducted by the BJP from the first week to the 19th of this month. People were directly involved in the charge sheet movement from the mandal level to the district level and then to the state level. More than 20 thousand people participated in the programs organized by BJP and performed Abhi Yoga. In districts like Nellore, the BJP leaders say that they have been able to attract the attention of the people even with the restrictions of the police. On one side, the fight against the government..on the other side, activists are being mobilized at the district level to take Modi’s achievements to the masses. A few days ago, the appointment of new in-charges for 26 districts was completed. They have been entrusted with many important responsibilities. 

BJP targeting BCs 
BJP is spreading propaganda on a large scale that injustice is being done to BCs in the state. Corner‌ doing BJP is campaigning as the party that made Narendra Modi, who belongs to the BC community, as the Prime Minister of the country. In this order, large-scale programs are being undertaken to reach BC. In relation to Raya Laseema districts, Kurnool is holding a meeting on 28 BC this month. On the other hand, it is planning to organize a large-scale gathering of BCs in Visakhapatnam next month. Members of Rajya Sabha, National President of OBC Morcha Dr‌ Along with K. Laxman, AP should involve central and state level BC leaders in the respective programs."The BJP" href="https://telugu.ablive.com/topic/BJP" data-type="interlinkingkeywords">BJP created the activity.

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