AP: Big investment for AP in Europe Expo 2022.. 11 top global companies to invest Rs.550 crore

AP: 11 big companies have come forward to invest huge amount in various projects in Andhra Pradesh. AP Tourism Development Corporation has announced that 11 leading global companies have announced to invest 550 crores in the Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC). AP Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) Chairman A. Varaprasad Reddy said that these companies will be part of the state government’s initiative to make Andhra Pradesh a recreation hub. He said on Friday that many international organizations have expressed their willingness to set up tourism projects in the state. Europe Expo 2022 was held in London from September 12 to 15. Participant Varaprasad Reddy has just returned to AP. Later he spoke to the media. He said that he held discussions with the representatives of various global organizations there. As part of this, 11 prominent companies have come forward to invest in various tourism projects, YSR CP said in a statement.

She said that she met with the representatives of various organizations and explained to them about the wide opportunities in the state for investment in the tourism sector, the incentives, support and land availability provided to the investors under the new tourism policy of AP. Varaprasad Reddy stated in the announcement that he has explained about the state's banks, sea coast details, scenic, religious and historical places and CM YS Jagan's regime for tourism projects.

YSR CP has also issued a statement to this extent. The state has invited them to be a part of tourism growth in the state. Varaprasad said that there are direct investments by foreign companies, investments through joint ventures and consortiums, supporting projects through technology transfer, supplying equipment to industrialists across the state, setting up projects undertaken here, training by international experts through skill development programmes. He said that he participated in the expo on the orders of Chief Minister YS Jagan. He said that all the companies have been contacted and the resources available in the state and the tourism policy have been explained. He said that a consultation was held to bring the technology at the national level to the state. He explained that 11 big companies like Polina Group from Turkey have expressed reluctance to come to the state.

He said he met the representatives of Switzerland-based Intamin Worldwide, a leading manufacturer of amusement rides and monorails. He said that the company will be a part of the proposed Sky Tower project in Visakhapatnam with an investment of Rs.100 crores.

Apart from discussing the monorail project in Tirupati, he also said that he intends to invest in the Sky Tower project in Visakhapatnam with an investment of Rs.100 crore as a joint venture. However, Polin Group of Turkey will be a part of the tunnel aquarium project in Visakhapatnam with an investment of Rs.100 crores. He said that Germany-based Hus Park Attractions has come forward to set up entertainment and parks for entrepreneurs. He also said that France's Aerophile is ready for a tethered gas balloon project that can carry 30 people at a time in Arakuloya.

YCP released a statement about various aspects of Europe Expo 2022

☛ Canada's Aerodium has given its consent as part of the sky-diving project at Gandicota.

☛ NevePlast of Italy has agreed to provide equipment for winter sports.

☛ Xtremeventures of France has shown interest in a world-class adventure park in the state.

☛ DOF of Turkey is set to build flying theaters, dome theaters in the category of high-end media-based simulators.

☛ Canada's White Water West has come forward to set up huge water park projects.

☛ Another company from Switzerland is interested in bringing various projects to Visakhapatnam, including a Telugu museum on Kailasagiri hills.

☛ Other companies like France's Concept and New Zealand's Delta Strike have expressed their willingness to be part of the development plans.

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