AP Assembly: AP assembly meetings from today.. Is this the government’s decision on the capitals..?

Andhra Pradesh: The Andhra Pradesh Assembly sessions will begin from Thursday, September 15. Legislative assembly meetings will start at 9 am and legislative council meetings will begin at 10 am. First there will be a question and answer session. A meeting of the Legislative Affairs Advisory Committee (BAC) will be held later. Also, Sabhapati Tammineni Sitaram will introduce a condolence resolution in the House for the death of late members Shatrucharla Chandrasekhararaju, Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy, Pulavarthy Narayanamurthy, JR Pushparaj and Nallamilli Moolareddy. Revenue department is likely to introduce 4 bills in these meetings. So far, the agenda included in the official website of the assembly has not mentioned which bills the government will introduce and which topics will be discussed. A question and answer session was included only along with the condolence resolution for the death of the late members. However, it seems that there is a possibility of introducing 3 bills for the amendment of the law and one for the repeal of the revenue department.

The Records of Right Act, 1971 will be amended to accommodate the mechanism of automation. Under the current mutation system, the name of the purchaser is not registered in Webland within 30 days. The new amendment will be registered only after subdivision. This makes automation easier. The name of the land buyer is immediately registered on Webland.

On the other hand, after the re-survey of the lands, the government will bring an amendment in the titling act aimed at providing permanent land ownership rights to the owners. The bill is being tabled in the House for the third time. It will be sent to the Union Home Ministry for approval after it is approved by the legislature. Once sent to the Center in the past, the Home Ministry raised some objections. The state government has conducted a study on these with Nalsar University. If the Center approves the latest amendments, the owners will get permanent rights over the houses and lands.

A bill to repeal the Tenancy Act of 1956 will be introduced in these meetings. The Land Cultivators Act was brought in 2011 in the united Andhra Pradesh with the aim of providing all the concessions and welfare schemes given by the central and state governments to the tenants. This is considered to be the Koularaitu Act. In 2019, the word 'tenancy' was deleted from this Act. Newly AP Crop Growers Rights Act-2019 has come into force. With that, the Tenancy Act Repeal Bill of 1956 will be introduced.

Efforts are being made to amend the AP Inams Abolition Act (1956). Inamdars have to cultivate only 33% of the land acquired from zamindars and other elders in the past. The rest should be leased to farmers. If the entire land is under Inandaru's supervision without giving it on rent... Efforts are being made to amend the law so that 64% of the land belongs to the government. There needs to be more clarity on this.

There is a strong campaign that the government is likely to discuss the state capitals on the first day. While on the one hand the farmers are doing Mahapadayatra saying that Amaravati is the only capital of the state, on the other hand it seems that the government is preparing for the legislative session with the issue of 3 capitals as the main agenda. There is a wide discussion in the political circles that there is a possibility that the government may introduce the 3 capitals bill in these meetings. Is the government maintaining secrecy regarding this bill? It is reported that there is a possibility of a special discussion in the House. It seems that the ruling party has prepared proposals to discuss 25 issues in total in these meetings. It seems that there is a possibility of a special discussion on the issue of the three capitals on Thursday, and Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is likely to explain this through a PowerPoint presentation. At a time when the same issue is being discussed in Andhra Pradesh politics, it is reported that the CM is likely to make a politically important statement on the issue of capital cities.

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