Anilkumar: It’s ok even if you don’t get YCP ticket, CM Jagan got out and I’m going with him!

Anilkumar: It’s ok even if you don’t get YCP ticket, CM Jagan got out and I’m going with him!

The comments made by Udayagiri MLA Mekapati Chandrasekhar Reddy saying that Anil has a single digit majority… seems to have hit Nellore City MLA Anil a bit hard. That’s why he reacted immediately. He admitted that he has a single digit and challenged Chandrasekhar Reddy to see how much majority he will get in the next election. They objected that they would not even give him the original TDP ticket. He said he knows what will happen to Chandrasekhar Reddy if he contests as an independent. 

It doesn’t matter if I don’t get a ticket..
Anil also countered the comments made by Mekapati Chandrasekhar Reddy that Jagan will not give him a ticket in the next election. gave CM Jagan‌ ticket‌ He made it clear that he will stay in the party whether he gives or not. Currently, all the MLAs who have won from YSP are those who have won with the CM’s photo, who has the ticket? He said that he will work for the victory of the party no matter what. He said that in Nellore city, he has no problem with anyone like A, B, C, etc., and he will work like a common activist for their victory. Anil said that if he doesn’t get a ticket, he will not feel anything, and Jagan will get him out, and he will have his photo in his house. 

Mekapati Chandrasekhar‌ Reddy’s ticket in any party‌ Anil said that there is no situation to come. Chandrasekhar Reddy, who says that he voted for his party in the MLC elections, says that he knows everything inside. Anil said that his mouth will never stop, he will continue to question those who have done wrong, and he will continue to speak for Jagan. Anil challenged that he will not be in politics in life even if he comes to the Legislative Assembly. He said that even if one of the three wins, he will leave politics and will be away from Nellore district forever. Dammante has his challenge‌ He said that he is ready to accept and write on the bond paper. Among those three, Anil said that whether he would give TDP ticket to Anam, but Kotam Reddy has a tough competition in Nellore Rural and Chandrasekhar Reddy would not be given TDP ticket. In the past, even TDP YCP never cursed like this in the district. Now the situation has changed to YCP vs YCP. The MLAs who won on the ticket of the same party, the leaders who had organized programs together until yesterday, are still throwing open challenges. If you don’t get a ticket, you will not win. TDP is also silent in this matter. It is funny that the YCP leaders are cursing the YCP. Irrespective of the situation in the other districts of the state, in Nellore, the three MLAs who have been suspended are pointing the finger at the rest of the leaders. Anil made harsh comments on those three. 

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