Andra Pradesh: A young man misbehaves with a woman constable in a police station..!

Andhra Pradesh: A young man created a veeranga in Muppalla of Palnadu district..He went to file a complaint and misbehaved with the lady constable..and that’s not all. He started abusing her in reverse saying do you know the rules..Now this incident has become a hot topic in the district. In the morning, a person named Kotireddy went to the secretariat..and destroyed the computer and printer there..attacked the staff who were in the way..the person who did not stop reverse went to the police station to file a complaint against the secretariat staff.

However, he showed his temper even there.. The man who went to complain abandoned his work and misbehaved with the lady constable on duty.. Do you know the rules, he got into a fight with her in the reverse saying he was calling the media.. Soon the alerted police arrested him and registered a case.

Meanwhile.. It seems that the mother of the youth is a member of the local ward.. It is not yet clear why the youth attacked.. However, Kotireddy Veerangam is now the topic of discussion in the district.

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