Andhrapradesh: Chennai girl, Andhra boy.. Meet in Tirupati.. Love marriage in Cine Faki.. Hydrama on highway

A girl from Chennai… a boy from Andhra… both fell in love. Even if parents don’t like it, they get married without their knowledge. But the girl’s parents did not like their love marriage and the controversy started. The girl’s parents unsuccessfully tried to separate them.. A panchayat was held with the police… The girl decided that she was a major and would stay with the boy… Either that or the girl’s relatives brought in the hijras. The boy went to the house, broke the door and kidnapped the girl by force… The matter reached the police… This led to a chase… Hydrama ran for half an hour on the Ongolu – Tanguturu highway. Hijras tried to stop the police and take the girl by force.. Finally the police acted cunningly and took the girl from their clutches and reunited the couple.

A Telugu girl settled in Chennai, she is studying engineering in her third year in Gudur, Tirupati district. Rajesh from Gundama, Kothapatnam mandal of Prakashan district studied till inter and stays at home. Went to Tirupati on 7th of last month. There he was introduced to life in the Q complex. They liked each other at first sight. Rajesh and Jeevan who got their phone numbers there started talking regularly. Finally decided to get married. They got married on October 20 at the Poleramma temple in Singarayakonda. As the castes of the two are different and the girl left the house, the parents of the girl filed a missing case at the Gudur police station. As both of them became majors soon after marriage, they approached the Kothapatnam police for protection. Jeetha's parents came to Kothapatnam station on 23rd of last month and learned about their marriage. Later they tried to take life with them. But she refused to go with her parents. They left because they could not do anything.

Her parents, who did not want Jeeuta to marry against their will, came to Gundama in Kottapatnam mandal of Prakashan district with hijras from Gudur in two vehicles yesterday evening. They went to Rajesh's house in Gundamala village and attacked him. They forced Jeevan into the vehicle and ran away. Rajesh's relatives informed the police that the young woman was being kidnapped and taken away. To stop the two vehicles, the police from Ongole under the direction of Twotown Inspector Raghava Rao have cordoned off the national highway. Police stopped two vehicles near Suraddypalem. They were resisted by the Hijras. In this background, there was a chaotic atmosphere on the highway for a while. But as Tanguturu police also came from there, CI Raghavrao took them all into custody and took them to Ongolu Twotown and interrogated them. A case has been registered at Kottapatnam police station against Jeevat Pedananna and 19 Hijras. Also, two vehicles were seized... Jeetha and Rajesh say that they are married for love, but Jeetha's parents are trying to separate them as theirs is an inter-caste marriage, and if they attack their house and kidnap Jeetha, the police will rescue them... They want to protect themselves.

Rajesh, relatives and villagers say that the parents of Rajesh and Jeetha, who fell in love and got married in Gundamala village, created terror to separate their lives.

Reporter: Fairoz, TV9 Telugu

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