Andhra Pradesh: What is the secret behind the death of an engineering student..? Murder.. Accident..

Harika is an engineering student… her father is Mulludi Srinivas… she has a lot of admiration and love for her father. Raised with love from childhood. But there are allegations that the row has changed over the years. The reason is that Harika’s father married another woman after her wife died. There are many suspicions among the relatives about Roopa Ardhaanthar’s death. Meanwhile, there is another tragedy… a fire in Harika’s sleeping room. Before knowing what had happened, Gold’s mother was engulfed in flames. Harika’s father called it an accident. There are many suspicions behind this incident.

Harika's father said that the accident happened due to the electrical circuit. On receiving the information, the police inspected the spot. Details were collected from locals and relatives. But the uncle said that Harika was a well-planned murder. Her father and stepmother are accused of murdering Harika for the sake of property.

Srinivas and his wife have been detained and interrogated by the police following the relatives' allegations. The police have entered the field to confirm whether Harika was burnt alive and twisted by accident, as alleged by relatives. Police registered a case of suspicious death and started investigation. Harika, who was fine till night, was set on fire at dawn. The facts behind the fire are to be revealed in the police investigation. Allegations that her father and mother killed her for property have become a sensation.

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