Andhra Pradesh: What did the sarpanch do for the promise given to the panchayat people..

Andhra Pradesh: Many panchayats in Andhra Pradesh are suffering from lack of funds. Due to the lack of funds to undertake development programs within the panchayat, the sarpanchs are taking loans and investing in the hope that money will always come. Recently, many sarpanchs have been expressing their protest that the interest is increasing on the debts, but the funds have not been released. But by protesting innovatively, they are asking the government to understand their suffering and fund their Panchayat. In the same way, a village sarpanch in Nandi Kotkuru of Nandyala district is going viral on social media saying that he has no money to repair the motors. If you look at the full details of this.. Sarpanchi Ramachandra of Nandikotkur Mandal Vaddema Panchayat protested by begging in his village saying that even after taking loans and carrying out development works in the panchayat..

He went door to door and begged him to help as much as he could, saying that he had not been granted the bills for the work he had done in the village. He said that Rs. 12 lakhs was borrowed and spent for the development works of sewage canals, drinking water pipeline, maintenance of tanks and sanitation. Sarpanch Ramachandra feels that even if he sells his one-acre farm, he will not be able to pay off his debt. At present, the motors that supply drinking water to the panchayat are damaged and they need Rs. 40 thousand to repair them, but he does not have even a rupee. They say that they will beg in the surrounding villages to keep their promise to the Panchayat people. The situation of all the Sarpanchs is similar, they want the CM to recognize their situation and respond and grant funds to the panchayats.

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