Andhra Pradesh: Weird punishments to university hostel student in AP.. Frogs are seen in food.. Students are worried

Andhra Pradesh: Star hero Vikram starrer super hit movie Aparichitudu is still remembered by many people. In this movie, the hero punishes all those who commit mistakes and sins. He decides the punishment according to their mistakes and executes it. He also gives variety names to those punishments. Actually all those punishments are mentioned in Garuda Purana. Garudapurana states what punishments are given for what wrongs. Recently similar punishments are being applied to students in AP (Andhra Pradesh). Negligence and lack of supervision by the authorities are taking lives of hostel students.

The incident which took place in the girls’ hostel of Adikavi Nannayya University in East Godavari district created a commotion among the students. A dead frog was found in the upma served to the girls. While the students were eating upma, the students saw a dead frog on the plate. Many of the girls felt nauseous after knowing that the frog had died in the upma they had eaten. The matter was immediately brought to the notice of the University Registrar. After inspecting the kitchen he came to, he warned the cooking masters that if the dishes were not cooked cleanly, he would be sent home. A similar incident took place in the hostel a week ago. Then the authorities promised to take strict action.

Before the frog incident in Rajahmundry hostel was over, another frog appeared in the food served to the students of Kadapa Yogi Vemana University. A frog was found in the payasam served to the students. The upma served at Adikavi Nannayya University was full of frogs, but the students there remained silent. But as there were all boys in Yogi Vemana University, they all protested. Agitated in front of the university. They say that similar incidents have happened in the past as well. It is alleged that the matter was brought to the attention of the principal but he did not pay attention to it. The students expressed their anger on serving such meals after paying thousands of rupees in fees.

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