Andhra Pradesh: Villagers protest against shrimp processing factory.. Despite heavy rain..

Ambedkar Konaseema: People generally expect employment when any company comes. But, Ambedkar's local people in Joruana protested to remove the factory located in Konaseema district. Joruana began to worry about whether or not the company was the same. Heavy rain, on the other hand, thunder and lightning, but they were not afraid, people came on the road regardless of the torrential rain to let everyone know their suffering. Ambedkar's Konaseema district Ainavilli mandal Pothukurru, the villagers staged a fight against the shrimp factory. Joruana expressed concern that they could not bear the stench of waste released by the shrimp factory. They complain that they are getting sick with vomiting and diarrhoea. The villagers of Pothukurru, who do not want this factory, are demanding that it be removed from here immediately.

The victims say that no matter how many times they complain to the authorities, they do not care. They are accusing the factory management of ignoring their grievances. Pothukurru villagers are warning that they have to remove the shrimp factory from their village or else they will intensify their struggle.

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