Andhra Pradesh: Two women united by a three-pronged bond.. After getting married, they went to the police station..

Technology is breaking new ground in the current times. Traditions and customs are changing. In recent times, marriages are taking place regardless of gender. Two boys and two girls are marrying whoever they like. Society is also accepting them from time to time. Recently.. a girl married herself and created a sensation. Two boys got married in Gujarat. Recently, two girls from Andhra Pradesh got together with a three-pronged bond. A woman from Chennur village in Kamalapuram constituency of YSR district got married to a man from Mittamida village of Pendlimarri mandal a year ago. They got separated due to conflict between them. resorted to

In this process, the woman came in contact with another woman who is her relative from Vempalle Rajiv Colony. It turned into a bit of love. In this order, these two women got married in Srikalahasti on 6th August. After that, they went to Vempalle Police Station, told the matter, the police counseled them to protect them and handed them over to their relatives.

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