Andhra Pradesh: Tomato prices are down again.. Too bad.. Sadly farmers

Today tomato price: The price is going to rise to the sky.. It is going to fall to the underworld. What else? Yes.. the present prices are making the farmers cry. The price of a kilo of tomato reaches a century. Tomato prices have fallen heavily in Anantapur and Kurnool districts. In Anantapur, a 15 kg tomato box costs just under 60 rupees. Farmers will not benefit from this. Together with the ranks of the TDP, they started agitation. Protested by throwing tomatoes in front of Tehsildar office. In Kurnool too, the price of tomato has fallen drastically. Traders are buying a 30 kg box from farmers for 40 rupees. It is sold to consumers at 10 to 14 rupees. Due to this, the farmers are expressing concern that despite their hard work, investments are not coming. As loads of tomatoes arrived in the markets, the prices fell. Due to this, the farmers think that bringing it to the market is a waste, so they dump it on the roads. They want to take steps to ensure that there is a minimum support price.. so that at least the invested money comes.

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