Andhra Pradesh: “There is no opposition from students’ parents to merger of classes”.. Minister Botha’s shocking comments

Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana reacted strongly to the merger of classes in Andhra Pradesh. He asked how it is possible to have a school next to the house. It is noteworthy that parents studying in private schools drop and bring their children to school every day. Although initially they wanted to merge three kilometers, then it was revealed that it was reduced to one kilometer. He said that the MLAs elected by the people will give their opinion and that public opinion should not be taken before making the law. Minister Botsa Satyanarayana said that policy decisions are being made keeping in mind the future needs of the students. Everyone thinks that admissions in government schools are decreasing due to merger and mapping of schools, but it is not true, he said. He explained that the admissions are going on in the colleges and this process will be completed by August 15.

If the conditions in government schools are improved, the number of students will increase. They should be motivated and motivated to study in government schools and make them come to school on their own. Students should be given flexibility to work wherever they like. Even during Corona, the attendance percentage in government schools has been recorded as high. Lakhs of students studying in private schools have joined government schools. We will also give details of enrollment of students in government and private schools.

– Botsa Satyanarayana, Andhra Pradesh Education Minister

Minister Botsa asked the employees to cooperate with the decisions taken by the government. It should be implemented regularly. If the employees have job-related problems, they are asked to solve them. He asked if there is no opposition to the merger of classes. Minister Botsa asked the employees to cooperate with the program even if they do not support it.

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