Andhra Pradesh: Their life is miserable.. Rickshaw has been the home of that mother for four years.. !

Andhra Pradesh: The mother has been living in a rickshaw for four years. That son is also staying with her, serving the old mother who cannot see or hear. He is taking care of his mother who fell ill before the festival. However, due to the loss in the business, he was left homeless. His wife also left him. Father died six years ago. Now she has no one but her son and his mother. The house in the village was demolished as it belonged to the panchayat. Not being able to help anyone, the son kept his mother in a rickshaw and went around the authorities for help. He is pleading that at least if his mother is granted retirement pension, he can survive on that basis.

If we go into the details… poor Devarakonda Poleramma and her son Durgayya from Thimmasamudram village of Naguluppalapadu mandal of Prakasam district are living a miserable life. Poleramma’s husband died six years ago, and only son Durgayya became Aadhar. Durgayya, who previously worked as a security guard in many places, is currently limited to Amma’s service. No home to stay. There is no food to eat. In addition to this, Poleramma has no eyes to see and no ears to hear. Pandu Mudusali.. She has been fighting for her life for the past five years like a living creature. With this, the son turns a rickshaw into a house for his mother and settles his mother’s debt. But they are struggling to get even the minimum pension provided by the government to the poor. If the donors give some help, then there will be food. If not, it’s bad. In this order, the mother and son are protesting in front of the Collectorate in Ongolu. They are waiting to get their voice heard with the Collector and see that any scheme offered by the government comes to them. However, there was a dearth of supporters. With this, he took his mother and wandered around in a rickshaw. Durgayya says that if he grants pension to his mother, he will survive on that basis.

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