Andhra Pradesh: The young girl who wrote the exam crossed the dangerously flowing river.. Hats off if you see the video.

Andhra Pradesh: A young woman risked her life to appear for the exam and took a big risk. The 21-year-old girl crossed the dangerously flowing river to reach her destination. With the help of his two brothers, he crossed the overflowing river. The incident took place in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. This video of the young woman who went swimming in the Champavati river is making waves on the net. The girl, identified as Kalavati based on the video, was helped by her brothers. A 55-second long video of a woman swimming has gone viral on social media.

Thaddi Kalavathi, who hails from Marri village in Gajapatinagaram mandal of Vizianagaram district in AP, works in a private company in Visakhapatnam. She came to her hometown two days ago. He wanted to start his journey from home on Friday to attend the exam on Saturday. But, due to heavy rains, the water in the river Champavati is running high. As a result, Marri Valasa village was cut off from the outside world. Her two brothers helped Kalavati who was at a loss as to what to do.. In order to write the exam with her, Kalavati's two brothers wanted her to cross the river somehow.

Immediately, carrying their sister on their shoulders, they crossed the river walking desperately in neck-deep water. She then reached her destination by means of available vehicles. Many have recorded a video related to this and posted it on social media. The video has now become viral.

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