Andhra Pradesh: The wife and child were brutally murdered because the daughter could not match her suspicions

Tirupati: Cruelty that brutally killed its own people. This is the foolishness of killing a married wife and a daughter born in the womb. The atrocity took place in Guruvarajupalli ST Colony near Tirupati. The wicked man killed his wife along with the one-year-old child because his daughter did not look like him. Kumar, who belongs to Guravarajupalli, fell in love with Pavani two years ago and got married. A baby was born a year ago. Since then the demon in Kumar has come out. He started doubting his wife as the child did not get his comparisons. Last Sunday, he took his daughter and wife to the sand canal near the airport to catch fish. Kumar beat them to death with a stick and left both of them in the canal.

Meanwhile, the relatives filed a complaint with the Renigunta police after the one-year-old baby was missing for three days. When the police interrogated Kumar in their own style, he admitted that he had killed his wife and child. By this time, the police had carried out search operations in the canal and recovered the dead body of Pavani. But the child's body was not found. Police have registered cases against Pavani's husband Kumar and in-laws in this incident.

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