Andhra Pradesh: The struggle of three capitals.. The AP government approached the Supreme Court

AP News: Capital Amaravati has become a hot topic in Andhra Pradesh politics. YCP, which is going to build three capitals anyway, has taken another step forward. Challenging the order given by the High Court that Amaravate is the only capital of the state, it approached the Supreme Court. It sought to suspend the verdict given that Amaravate is the capital. The petition stated that the High Court’s verdict is to weaken the legislative system. It has appealed to stay the High Court’s earlier verdict that the Assembly has no power to make laws on the capital. It was explained in the petition that to do as per the CRDA Act is to question the powers of the Assembly. They added in the petition that they want to establish 3 capitals for decentralization of development. According to the CRDA agreement, the Supreme Court was told that the High Court’s verdict that Amaravati should be developed within 6 months cannot be implemented.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of Andhra Pradesh has announced a key verdict on the matter of capital. The three-judge bench ruled that the Assembly does not have the power to legislate by moving the legislative, executive and judicial systems to different regions. According to the CRDA Act, the capital city of Amaravati has been ordered to provide infrastructure such as roads, drinking water, drainage and electricity within a month. It has been said that all infrastructure facilities should be provided to the owners who have given land for the capital. According to the agreement with the farmers as part of land mobilization, Amaravati has been ordered to build the capital city within six months. It has been clarified that rights should not be given to pledge the capital lands except for the construction of the city and the development of the capital region.

However, Minister Gudivada Amarnath said that Visakhapatnam will be centrally administered from next year and it has become a sensation. In these assembly meetings only the capital issue is being discussed and the situation is changing rapidly. Among all the cities in the state, Visakhapatnam is the main city, Amarnath.. Visakha is in the list of top ten cities in the country. On December 17, 2019, CM Jagan gave his opinion on the three capitals and made it clear that even a single cent of private land should be taken for the capital to be set up in Visakhapatnam.

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