Andhra Pradesh: The second largest clay Ganesha immersion in the country.. Huge crowd of devotees..

Andhra Pradesh: Efforts to restore clay Ganesha idols as part of environmental protection are slowly coming into action. In the past, huge idols made of plaster of faeries were installed. By immersing these in the rivers, the dyes were burnt into the water and the water became polluted. As a result, governments and voluntary organizations have started an effort for several years to use clay idols. All in all slowly clay idols started to be used in place of huge plaster of paris idols. But with the idea of ​​putting clay idols also on a huge scale, tall idols were made from clay and installed in many places this year. As part of this, the country’s second largest clay Ganesha was installed in Kurnool. The second largest clay Ganesha immersion in the country took place today. A large number of devotees flocked to this program which was held at the Tungabhadra river in Kurnool. The height of this idol is 55 feet. Thousands of devotees immersed this huge clay Ganesha. Actually, on the 8th of this month, Vinayaka immersion took place in Kurnool. But the 55 feet huge clay Ganesha was immersed on Saturday 10th September.

Workers from Rajasthan, Bihar spent two months making this idol on the banks of Tungabhadra river. Later it was installed there. At the place where it was installed, fire engines beat the water to melt the clay Ganesha and immersed it. Being next to Tungabhadra river, all the water and soil got absorbed into the river. Thousands of people gathered to witness this event. Kurnool MLA Office Khan former MLA SV Mohan Reddy, BJP leader Harish Babu, Jana Sena leader Rekha Goud and other leaders participated and immersed themselves.

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