Andhra Pradesh: The luck of the common man.. the diamond found in the field.. do you know how much it was sold for?

Kurnool: All the farmers in Tuggali mandal of Kurnool district go to the fields when the rains are enough. Even from the neighboring village, many people come to the shops in these areas. But not all of them do farm work. Search for diamonds. Tuggali, Jonnagari, Pagidarai, Erragudi, Maddikera, Basinepalli, Agraharam, Ratana, Kothur and other areas of this diamond hunting are more common. Many commoners and laborers became millionaires with the diamonds found here. Someone else’s crop has just been harvested. It is reported that a valuable diamond was found by an agricultural laborer in Tuggali mandal. It seems that it was sold to a local diamond merchant for Rs.1.50 lakh. Full details about this are to be known.

Two precious diamonds were found in the same area last month. A laborer from Jonnagiri found a diamond and bought it for Rs.40 thousand from a local diamond merchant. Also, a merchant belonging to a group of diamonds available to another person bought it for Rs.3.30 lakh. Meanwhile, local traders are buying the diamonds found by the farmers at a low price. After that, they are making a living by selling it in foreign markets for crores. On the other hand, many people from outside areas are coming here to search for diamonds. Farmers here are expressing concern that their crops are being destroyed. Click here for more AP news.

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