Andhra Pradesh: The hustle and bustle of devotees in the restricted area.. Officials who do not care..

Andhra Pradesh: Accidents are untold.. Some accidents happen as a result of our negligence. Even though it is dangerous to go there, some people go there for fun and take some risk. Entry into dangerous areas is generally prohibited. Danger boards will be put up.. If necessary, security will also be arranged so that no one goes to that side. Because if someone goes that way without knowing it, the authorities will be immediately alerted to prevent it.. or if the rules are violated. If no one cares.. what’s more.. some people go for fun and take some risks. In fact, thousands of devotees visit Tirumala every day. While traveling on the Tirupati-Tirumala Ghat road, the beauty of nature welcomes you. Sometimes, however, one hopes to stop the vehicle and enjoy the beauty for a while. Some people stop the vehicle on the side of the ghat road for a while and get ready for a photo shoot. But there are some dangerous places on this ghat road.

TTD officials have banned entry there for public safety. Malwadi Gundam Waterfalls is one of them on the first ghat road of Tirumala. They said that it is dangerous to go near the Ewater Pals. However, the devotees go to the Malwadi Gundam Waterfalls and are having fun splashing around. Although it is a restricted area, the tribe is enjoying the dances of the devotees near the Malwadi Gundam Waterfalls. They appoint someone for security at the restricted area and prevent them from going there. But since there is no one who cares here, the devotees go to the water falls and shoot videos by dancing freely. Even though this is happening, the TTD vigilance officials are acting as if they don't care. Many want the TTD officials to wake up and not allow devotees to enter the restricted area rather than after any accident.

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