Andhra Pradesh: The electricity department shocked the government offices.. How many officials did not listen..

If the current bills (Power Bills) are not paid immediately, we will cut the supply. Consumers have been warned that if the bill is not paid, the electricity will be cut off. But their warnings are following the same principle for both the common man and the official. Not only that, the electricity to the government office was also stopped. Please build it. As a result, the electricity department employees who entered the field cut the electricity to the government offices in that district. They have to pay.. not hundreds, thousands or lakhs.. the electricity bills they have to pay are in crores, so they have taken these steps.

Officials of the Power Department (APCPDCL) gave a shock to the government offices in Ongole. Electricity was cut off to government offices that neglected to pay electricity bills for months. As per the directives of the AP Electricity Regulatory Committee, if the electricity dues are paid before September 10th, the government officials have been issuing notices for months and telling them that the surcharge will be waived.

Irked by this, the officials of the electricity department entered the field with their power cut tools. 392 crore rupees across the district.. government offices have fallen due. RWS office has to pay 112 crores, Panchayatiraj department 90 crores, Irrigation department 100 crores, Municipalities 13 crores and Education department 7 crores, the electricity department says.

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