Andhra Pradesh: The collector couple who took the path of the farm.

Andhra Pradesh: Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan is our slogan.. One is protecting the country.. the other is doing agriculture.. harvesting crops and providing rice for ten people. But agriculture is not a crime.. The youth of today are growing crops in a new direction like a festival. They are chasing profits. And some political leaders and people’s representatives are also going down in the crop fields and growing the crops themselves whenever they get any space. In this background, the collector couple has recently taken the path of the farm. Yes, both of them are IAS officers. Both husband and wife are collectors of two districts.

However, sometimes those who are busy in the public sphere put their work aside. Magani descended into the soil on a holiday. Both of them took their children and stepped into the farm. Worked like ordinary workers. Who do you think about.. If we go into the details..

His name is Dinesh Kumar in red shirt and white lungi. His wife is in Punjabi dress next to him.. Vijaya Krishnan.. District Collector of Bapatla. Both of them used to live in Bapatla. Agricultural works are going on in Bapatla district. Along with this, he participated in the paddy harvest in Murukondapadu of Bapatla mandal along with his family. Planted crops along with common labourers.

Not only that, they ate rice without sitting on the bank of the farm. While the adults were busy, their children started playing fun games in the farm. The collectors said that no matter how much they grow up, they are sons of the earth. Both of them have become role models for many techies who have left lakhs of salary software jobs and are following the farm path.

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