Andhra Pradesh: The child who was supposed to be in the womb was left in the bushes.

Andhra Pradesh: An inhumane incident took place in NTR district. The baby, who was supposed to be sleeping comfortably in his mother’s womb, was thrown into the thorn bush. A few hours after birth, they were thrown in the forest. A mother saw the child crying like an orphan. She crossed the thorn bushes and saved the child. She took him in her cold lap and nursed her dry throat. She was taken to the hospital and given first aid. Later handed over to the police. Nujiveedu mandal of Eghatana district is located in the Kondagattu area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAgiripalli.

Police immediately admitted Babu to the Vijayawada Government Children's Hospital for better treatment. After medical services, the child was handed over to Child Care in Vijayawada. The police advised those who know the details to inform the police. After registering a case, Agiripalli SS Namburi Chantibabu inspected the forest area where the child was dumped. They started collecting the details of the incident. Action was taken against those who left the child in the forest. However, many people expressed deep grief over this incident. They said that the actions of some people who have forgotten humanity make the human society upside down. After nine months of pregnancy, they gave birth to a child at the risk of their own lives and are expressing their anger at the separation of the child from the mother.

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