Andhra Pradesh: The aim is to provide the best healthcare to the poor.. More services under Arogyasree

In Andhra Pradesh, the government has decided to further strengthen the Arogyasree scheme. It is true that Arogyasree was established with the aim of providing state-of-the-art and best medical care to the poor and middle class people. The state medical and health department is intensifying its efforts to increase the number of treatments under this scheme. After 2019, all the families with annual income below Rs.5 lakh have been brought under the Arogya Sri scheme. Thus 1.40 crore families are getting free medical treatment. Services are currently available in more than 1,700 hospitals through this scheme. Apart from Andhra Pradesh, 137 private corporate hospitals and 17 super specialty hospitals in neighboring states are being treated by Arogyasree. Apart from bringing Corona treatment under the scope of the scheme, diseases like Black Fungus and Miss-C have also been included in it. This saved the burden on the people. While there are already 2,446 treatments in the Arogyasree scheme, efforts are being made to include another 700 types of treatments in the scheme.

Meanwhile, CM Jagan had previously ordered the officials to implement the Arogyashri scheme in a more transparent manner. At present, 2,446 types of problems are being served. The Chief Minister suggested that the number should be further increased. He ordered to give an explanation on this issue within a week. The Chief Minister said that it is the responsibility of the doctors to educate pregnant women about natural childbirth in government hospitals. He clarified that the financial assistance given under Arogya Asara is being increased from Rs.3 thousand to Rs.5 thousand.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Jagan has decided to help financially those who are sick and confined to bed. To this end, the ‘Arogya Asara’ program has been launched. For those who have undergone medical treatment, if the doctors advise them to take rest, they are being given an allowance of Rs. 225 per day, or Rs. 5 thousand per month. Around 10 lakh people have already received financial assistance under this scheme. Meanwhile, officials of the concerned groups have clarified that they are sending the related proposals to the government and once the permissions are received from there, they will be implemented at the field level.

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