Andhra Pradesh: The accident happened because of the SI.

Andhra Pradesh: The accident happened because of the SI.

Woman Death Mystery : Actually the main road.. all the vehicles are speeding. In this sequence, the car bearing the number AP 39 KK 444 hit a tree hard and the front part was crushed due to speeding. If the car is damaged in this range, what about the people inside? Everything you thought.. But there were only two people in the car. One of them died of severe injuries.. the other is fighting death in the hospital. What happened so far? Was the accident normal? Is there another angle? Unbelievable truths came to light after investigating. A road accident took place on 27th of this month near Palukur of Singarayakonda mandal of Prakasam district in AP. Everyone thought it was an accident. But as the hours passed, shocking truths came to light. Mahesh from Kandukur, who is undergoing treatment in the hospital, left in a car with his friend. The car stops near Palukur and both of them are talking. In that order, Kandukur Rural SS Siva Nancharaya went to them. Trying to take pictures, the young woman was upset and cried. Mahesh and his friend, who did not want to profit, left the place in a car. Mahesh increased the speed of the car fearing that the police were chasing him. At that time the car went out of control and hit a tree. While the young woman lost her life, Mahesh survived.

Mahesh regained consciousness after the treatment and everyone was surprised when he told what had happened. Mahesh gave a statement from his bed in the hospital that Kandukur Rural SS Siva Nancharaya drove the car fast due to overaction. Singarayakonda SSI Feroze Fatima registered a case on the car accident and took up the investigation.

However, the police made an overaction in Nellore district limits.. As the car met with an accident in Prakasam district limits.. The victim's relatives complained to the SPs of both the districts over the phone. Police who are supposed to protect the people.

The victim's family members are questioning what is the point of imagining that a young woman likes a young man next to him. Action is being demanded against SI Shiva Nancharaya who behaved inhumanely. Mahesh is alive so the real truth comes out. If the unthinkable happened..? Mahesh's relatives are expressing their grief that the truth would be buried.

A case of accident with twists and turns.. finally wrapped around Khaki's neck. What kind of action will the police officials take? Let's see what justice will be done to the victim's family.

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