Andhra Pradesh: Target 175.. Leader Jagan entered the field.. Key meeting with ministers and MLAs..

YSRCP chief and state chief minister YS Jagan is taking steps towards the target of 175. As part of this, the CM is going to meet once again with the ministers, MLAs and regional coordinators. The CM released the reports regarding the performance of the MLAs in the last two meetings. The latest report of the PK team.. this meeting has become interesting with the campaign that some MLAs will not have tickets. Also, the program of ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Govt’ will be discussed in this meeting.

The PK team presented the report regarding the graph of MLAs in 175 constituencies to Chief Minister Jagan. CM will discuss this report with ministers and MLAs. Jagan will direct the MLAs on the strategies to be followed to win a total of 175 seats. There is a talk that the CM is taking the feedback received in our government as a measure of the performance of the MLAs. It seems that there are possibilities of allotting tickets based on them in future. Is the MLA available to the people of the constituency? Taking initiative to solve problems? It seems that the CM is taking opinions about the implementation of welfare schemes. There is a possibility of handing over new responsibilities to the party in-charges in the constituencies of the MLAs who have received negative feedback.

Jagan has taken the next general election with ambition.. he is taking important steps politically. Decisions are going to be taken based on the selection of candidates. With the aim of winning all the seats, the exercise has started in the case of candidates. It seems that this workshop is a part of it.

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