Andhra Pradesh: Skeleton in septic tank.. Shocking people.. Shocking truth comes to light!

Malleshala in Jaggampeta Mandal of Kakinada District. Peaceful town. The disappearance of a man named Kunche Appanna created a commotion in this village. Appanna and his wife Satyavathi migrated to Vijayawada for employment. Both husband and wife used to do small chores. Appanna used to work as a watchman in an apartment. All the best while it lasts.

But Appanna has land in Sonthuri. There are controversies. Both husband and wife often talk about that land. Appanna used to call the elders in the village and wanted to see that they get justice. He used to host relatives and friends from the village and discuss the same thing. On their suggestion, both the husband and wife went to Malleshala on June 5. Elders in Woollo discussed the land dispute with their relatives. They begged for justice as that is their basis. The elders reassured them. In this order, Satyavati went to Vijayawada from Malleshala. Appanna is in the village.

Days..weeks passed. Appanna did not return to Vijayawada. Do you think you can get any work there? She was suspicious because he didn't even call. Concerned, she called her sister-in-law and relatives. Satyavati started to worry when her sister-in-law said that Appanna is not here. Let's reach Malleshala as we are. Got a job somewhere nearby? Did you go to a relative's house? No information was found on enquiry. What will happen? When she was worried about where she had gone, she immediately informed the police as she smelled a bad smell near her house.

The police reached the spot and inspected the surroundings thoroughly. A foul smell was noticed coming from the septic tank in the premises of the house. On checking... a skeleton was seen in the septic tank silo. Satyavathi recognized that they were Appanna's by looking at the clothes next to them. That's when there was a commotion in the village. what happened Did he accidentally fall into the silo and die? That means there is no such possibility. Does that mean someone had planned and killed Appanna and dumped him in the septic tank? Doubts were expressed. After three months, the dead body was completely decomposed. The police collected the evidence and sent it for forensic test. Meanwhile, the police focused on the scientific evidence. Was Appanna killed according to the plan due to the land dispute? Or are there family conflicts or any other reasons? Investigation was carried out from all angles.

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