Andhra Pradesh: She was shocked with a blade when going for love.. The girlfriend cut her boyfriend’s body.. What was the reason..?

Woman attacked her lover: An atrocity took place in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. A woman cuts her boyfriend’s body with a blade. This shocking incident came to light late in Mugachintala village of Kondapi mandal in the district. CH Harinarayana of Mugachintali has been having an extra-marital affair with a woman from the same village for a long time. As usual, her boyfriend went to the woman’s house on Wednesday night. At this time she was close for a while.. as per the pre-planned attack with the blade she had brought. She cut her boyfriend’s body in an instant and ran away.

With this, the victim Harinarayana ran out of the house saying that he would be cured. Locals noticed him immediately and rushed him to a hospital in Ongolu. While Harinarayana does not have a wife, it seems that he has been in close contact with that woman for a long time. However, the villagers claim that there are financial relations between the two. Is it for property? Or is it being discussed whether she committed this attack for some other reason. According to the complaint of the victim, a case has been registered and investigation is being carried out, said SSI Ramakrishna.

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