Andhra Pradesh: She gave betel nuts to her boyfriend and took her life.

Chittoor District Kuppam Mandal Garigechinnepally Harish is a native of Sontoor. His wife’s name is Sneha. Theirs was an arranged marriage. Both were very friendly. Harish used to work in a private company in Hyderabad. A nurse in a hospital in Sneha Kuppam. They were very happy even though they were different in terms of jobs. He used to bring gifts to his wife whenever he came from Patnam. She was very happy. He used to go to Hyderabad again. In the meantime, the story took a side track in the heap. An acquaintance with Satish Naik ..friendship..led to an extra-marital affair. While Harish was in Hyderabad…these two were walking in Kuppam. Harish doesn’t know all this. These two used to fix their schedule accordingly because they had advance information about when they would come and when they would go. But one day the story took a turn. Satish.. came from Hyderabad. He said that he will stay here. That’s how the throat of these two got white. They decided that the only way to stop their illegal activities was to kill Satish.

They decided to do the murder without getting mud on their hands. Satish told his friends. 5 lakh supari was agreed to and the deal was concluded. 30 thousand advance was also given. Satish entered the friends cum supari gang scene. Did she send her husband out saying that they would give him Rs. The accused who were already there attacked Satish and killed him. The body was dumped in the forest. The plan worked. Sneha burst into tears of glycerine. She complained that her husband was not visible. The police have taken up the investigation as a missing case. Information was received that an unidentified body was lying in the forest during the occupation. Based on the clues, it is confirmed that the dead person is Satish. When Sneha is questioned, the episode of Total Crime comes to the screen...

Sneha, who took her life because of her boyfriend's craze. The police have arrested 6 accused along with her boyfriend Satish. Such people should not be kept in jail. The locals demanded that the accused should be severely punished so that such atrocities are not repeated.

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